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We are glad you are interested in applying for one of the outstanding magnet programs offered by Richland School District One.

To begin your application(s), you must create a parent/guardian login account. To do so, click "Create parent account" on the left of this page. You'll need a valid email address to complete registration. This email will serve as your username to log in. Once registered, you can log into the system using your email and newly created password. You will receive an email verifying your registration and providing you with your account details.

Key Dates for Magnet Program Application Process

  • Round Two applications open: March 1, 2021
  • Round Two applications close: See application deadline dates listed below.
  • Round Two lottery and acceptance notification: May 2021

Participating Magnet Programs

  • Elementary School Level
    • All Montessori Elementary Schools (Logan, Brockman, Caughman) --CLOSED
  • Career Magnet Programs - Application deadline - April 30, 2021
    • Career Awareness Magnet Program at Bradley Elementary
    • Career Exploration Magnet Program at W.G. Sanders Middle School
    • Career Preparation Magnet Program at W.J. Keenan High School
    • Language Immersion Program at Carver-Lyon Elementary
  • Middle School Level
    • Medical Magnet Academy at W. A. Perry Middle School (Application deadline July 30, 2021.)
    • Montessori Middle Level Program at W.G. Sanders Middle School—Application deadline--March 31st Note: There will not be a lottery for the Montessori Middle Level program
  • High School Level—Application Deadline—July 31, 2021
    • Health Sciences Magnet at C.A. Johnson High School
    • Richland One Middle College
    • Virtual School Program—Grades 9-12

Please Note: Enrollment is closed for all elementary Montessori programs and the Medical Magnet Academy at W. A.

Phase II Submit Applications

(See deadlines above)

After attending a parent information session, parents may submit a Magnet application to the school for which you are applying. Round Two applications may be received through April 30, 2021 for the following programs as noted above.

Phase II

Begin Lottery Process

A computerized random selection process (lottery) is used when there are more students and families interested in a particular magnet program than there are slots available. Families will be notified in May 2021 if they are selected for their magnet program of choice.